Keyboard check/test site recommendation (including simultaneous and infinite typing)

Sometimes I need to test my keyboard.
If you do a Google search, you’ll get a lot of recommendations.

Most of them have similar features and
and it’s easy to choose the one you like the most when you look at the screenshots.
I’ve summarized some of the sites.

Most of them have the same features, and I’ve added some specifics.

Link :

You can test it by running ‘Launch the Tester’ from here.
You can see the following screen to test it yourself.

Keyboard test screenshot 1

2019.10.15 – Updated

I haven’t updated it in a while, so I’m updating some content.
This site is the best! Recommended !

(1) This seems to be better for simultaneous typing)
(2) As of September 18, 2021 – I’m still adding stuff below, but this test site looks the best.

Link :

You can test this yourself on sites like
When you press the keyboard, the visible keys on the screen turn green.

Keyboard test screenshot 2

2020.03.10 – Updated

Link :

This site gives you feedback with sound as you type, and you can simply see the sentence as you type.

KEY pressed: orange
KEY press complete: green (see below)

Keyboard test screenshot 3

2020.03.27 – Updated

Link :

Keyboard Infinite Input Test Program

Keyboard test screenshot 4

This program was created out of necessity by clien ‘견족자K’
and you can find a short description and download link at the link above

2021.05.06 – Updated

Link : 키보드 테스트 – 키보드 키 테스트 (

Keyboard test screenshot 5

The design looks good and is intuitive,
scrolls down when you press the ‘space key’

2021.09.18 내용 추가

Link : 온라인 키보드 테스트 – 키보드 체크/테스트 사이트 (

Keyboard test screenshot 6

It looks neat when you capture it, but ….
When I access it, it looks very sloppy. (The function itself seems fine).

Link : “Key-Test” – keyboard test online

Keyboard test screenshot 7

While most online keyboard sites are similar,
this site is unique in that it allows you to test keyboards for Mac.

There are other sites out there,
the ones mentioned above seem to be the best.

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