Freesurfer 로 surface기반으로 연구를 하다보면,‘Desikan-Killiany’ cortical atlas (ROI)기반으로 데이터를 추출하게 된다. Freesurfer에서 가시화 하는 방법들은 다소 원색 계열을 쓰다보니 예쁘지 않고,ROI기반의 값들을 vertex-wise하게 그리기도 코드 짜기도 귀찮다.최근에 괜찮은 matlab code가 배포되어 사용해봤는데 편리하고 쉬워서 공유해본다. 아래 링크에 접속해서 받아서 사용하면 됨. 링크 : brainPlot is a MATLAB function to createContinue Reading

Souza, Roberto, et al. “An open, multi-vendor, multi-field-strength brain MR dataset and analysis of publicly available skull stripping methods agreement.” NeuroImage (2017). link : From the past until now, during research, I wondered which preprocessing is best or which BET(brain extraction) selection is best for a brain pipeline. For solving this problem,Continue Reading

I used to do neuroimaging research together at a hospital. So I created ”freesurfer lecture note’ to explain to doctors and fellow teachers. It was made based on version 5.1 at the time. As of now, a lot of updates are needed. Download link! Check below button!Continue Reading